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VPN Speed Issues (Non VPN Router)

Speed issues with your VPN are generally always related to the way your local ISP routes to our VPN network.  

Some important points to consider before contacting us:

  • Local is Best - Unless you need to access specific content from another country that is blocked (note IPTV, Kodi etc are not blocked with our UK VPN setting, unless of course your IPTV provider <rather than your ISP> specifically required on a non-UK location) then we always recommend you set your VPN to the country you are in, or the next closest to you.

  • VPN speed always slower than your ISP - Due to the nature of a VPN and the level of data encryption  the VPN will always run slower than your regular internet.

  • Changing your Inbound Gateway - We ask you to test the different server addresses below to find the best route possible for you.  This is only possible if you setup a manual VPN connection.  See here for our guides on how this is done.  They are highlighted as "Manual VPN".

    For PPTP users:

    For L2TP users:

    If you are still having speed issues have you considered switching to a Proxy solution?

    You have access to both Proxy and VPN on your subscription and you can set up a Proxy with the following server addresses and ports, you will find our proxy set up guides here.

    Server addresses:



    If you need any further help please just let us know.

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