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VPN on MacOS Sonoma

There are currently known issues with Apples new Sonoma OS and OpenVPN.  Apple are aware of these Firewall/OVPN issues and will release a patch soon.  Here's how you can add our VPN via an L2TP setup on your new MacOS.

Step 1

Click your system settings option and then tap on VPN from the left menu.

Step 2 

Look to the right and click "Add VPN configuration" and select "L2TP over IPSec"

Step 3 

Simply add the following server and shared secret along with your VPN username and password.

Account Name: Enter your VPN username

Password: Enter your VPN password

L2TP Server address:   

Shared Secret: 953783903

Step 4

Last step is to tap the "options" button from the left hand menu and select "Send all traffic over VPN connection"

Now you can save and connect.

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