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VPN Software - Mac OS (iMac & MacBook)

 Our new VPN manager for Mac OS is compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and above.  

Download our VPN Manager application here, save this file and then double click on it to install.  Move this file to the Applications folder.


If you are prompted to trust our app please proceed by clicking 'Open'.



Enter your VPN username which for most will be your email address and password and click sign in.


Select the country you wish to connect by clicking the flag.  This will take you to this screen: 

The optimal server location option is still under development and is currently not available at this time, simply select one of the countries servers manually that you would like to use.

Please note the servers marked as "TV" run a lower type of encryption.  These will still mask your IP address and offer some level of encryption.  These servers are highly optimised  for TV streaming and not so much for privacy.  We recommend these if you are using the VPN to watch TV / IPTV.


Once you have selected your country simply click the red button to connect:


When the VPN has established you will see the button turns green, this means the VPN is connected:

To change locations or servers you MUST disconnect from the VPN first then change the location/server and tap the red button again to reconnect.

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