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iPhone and iPad VPN Setup - iOS

If you are having issues connecting via our Apple app you can quickly setup a VPN using our server details using Apples built in VPN client.  

Step 1

Tap the settings button on your device and scroll down to "General", tap this and then tap scroll down again and tap "VPN & Device Management"

Step 2

Tap the "Add VPN Configuration"

Step 3 

Select "L2TP" from the dropdown and enter the following details:

Description:     Liberty Shield VPN
(note that's a lower case L not the number 1)

Account:             This is your VPN username which is most likely your email address

Password:          This is your VPN password

Secret:                 953783903

Then simply tap the "done" button on the top right of your screen.

You can now connect.  This is done from the main screen in your phones settings page.

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