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Pinning VPN Router - Firmware Update

Our video guide below shows the pinning process on a Liberty Shield VPN Router.

You would only need to carry out this procedure when instructed to do so by the Liberty Shield support team, and it is generally used only to manually update the router firmware to the latest version.

Step-by-Step Description

The required pinning process per the above video is as follows:

  1. Power down your VPN Router.
  2. Hold in the reset button on the back (screwdriver, pin or pen required).
  3. Power up whilst still pressing on the reset button.
  4. The light on the router should flash green approx 10 to 12 times, you can then let go once the light is solid green.
  5. Leave for 2 mins approx and power down again by removing the cable.
  6. Power up by inserting the cable and connect to the router again from your devices.

Please note that on occasion this can take 4 or 5 attempts.

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