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Activation Preference

When you activate one of our Pro AC2 model VPN Router (black colour), you will be prompted to choose:

Max Speed


Max Encryption

With 'Max Speed' your VPN Router will be assigned to the fastest OpenVPN sever currently available (as part of our load balanced cluster of OpenVPN servers).  These servers are optimised for speed to ensure the best possible service for HD video streaming users.

If you select 'Max Encryption' then your VPN Router will instead be assigned to a smaller cluster of OpenVPN servers, with the server settings optimised specifically for security with the maximum level of encryption possible. This smaller cluster is not load balanced for speed, and therefore those who select this option will likely see a slightly slower download speed when using or; especially at peak times.

You can login and change these settings anytime in the 'Manage Router' area of your customer dashboard.

Please click here for more details on the various encryption modes available (i.e. OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP).

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